Scented bottles

We would like to offer you a new advertising gadget produced by our company. The scented hangers in the form of glass bottles with wooden cork, on which we place an advertisement for your company. There are many possibilities to choose from, such as engraving the logotype on the cork or multicolor graphics on the glass bottle.


is a possibility to engrave your company’s logo on a wooden cork


is a possibility to place any graphics on a glass bottle.


you can choose the color of the twine from 32 colors.


fragrance compositions you can choose from our standard offer.


the number of colors used in graphics does not affect the price. Each side of the bottle can be different.

  1. glass side: 24 x 24 mm
  2. wooden side: 23 x 20 mm
  3. bottle height: 47 mm
  4. capacity: 5 ml
  5. length of twine: ca. 40 cm