Scented hangers

We are a leading manufacturer of automotive advertising fragrances. Over a dozen years of activity in the industry has allowed us to gain extensive experience and offer you air fresheners of the highest quality. Scented fresheners are the perfect gadget to advertise your company. They can be a great gift for customers and at the same time an advertisement for the company that will accompany the customers for many weeks. We produce our car fragrances based on proven recipes of fragrance compositions using the raw materials of renowned companies of the highest standard. Our fragrance trees are a guarantee of quality and durability. As a manufacturer of fragrance hangers, we make every effort to ensure that our products meet the expectations of regular and new customers.

High quality and durability of our car fresheners has been appreciated by a large group of customers in Poland and abroad. Our car fresheners are trusted by both large and small companies. Since the tastes and preferences of consumers are very diverse, as a manufacturer of fragrance hangers we do our best to make our products meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Their satisfaction with our services is the most important for us. Our rich offer includes attractive fragrance hangers created individually according to the needs of each of our customers. However, a wide selection of fragrance compositions makes air fresheners a very pleasant element in every car. This allows to create a positive image of your business partners or potential customers, and the logo and company name placed on them is the ideal way to create a positive association with the recipient. Thanks to the full production of fragrance hangers in our company we are able to offer you an attractive product at an affordable price, and with minimal financial outlay we will achieve what is most important in advertising, namely long-term, multiple visual and aroma contact of the driver and passengers with the image placed on the fragrance tree.

Our company is distinguished by solid workmanship and fast delivery time. We also guarantee professional and very nice service. The experience and knowledge of our sales representatives allows us to create ideal solutions for our customers. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers with the level of our services and to maintain the position of one of the largest producers of fragrance hangers. We are constantly expanding our base with new shapes and fragrance compositions. We continuously gain knowledge about technological innovations in order to be able to meet the wishes of our customers and meet them. A vast knowledge of our staff allows us to create fragrance hangers according to the wishes of our customers to meet their expectations and adapt our product to individual needs.